Technology Services

Derive more business value from technology investments with Digital Dom - one stop solution for agile software delivery & development services.

Software Delivery

A key goal in digital transformation is knowing how to scale your agile teams, digitalise internal operations and and improve software delivery performance allowing a faster route to market.

Our Digital Transformation Practice will work with your teams to design an end to end transition process that is lightweight, empowers teams to speed up innovation and leverages technology to deliver value to customers fast. Our experts will work on the following capabilities which have shown to impact productivity and software delivery in an organisation.

  • Change Management
  • Simplification Of Organisational Structure
  • Breakdown Of Siloes And Hierarchies
  • Cross Functionality Of Teams
  • Easy To Use Tools & Process For Increasing Productivity
  • Culture & High Employee Engagement Across Spectrum
  • Cloud & Loosely Coupled Architecture

Software Development

We help organisations increase customer value through custom software development, automation, experimentation, and agile team-level practices. Adopt an agile approach to software development, install next gen infrastructure achieving engineering excellence with top talent.

  • Establish Team Level Practices
  • Embed Engineering Practices
  • Build Team Cross Functionality
  • Optimise Automation
  • Automate Deployments And Release Workflows
  • Build Awesome Software Products

Technology Sourcing & Recruitment

Are you looking for an extension to your existing team but puzzled which sourcing model will work best? Are you looking for a permanent addition to your team or hiring nearshore resource more suited to your project.  We work with our clients to:

  • Establish Cost Effective And Low Risk Sourcing Strategy
  • Recruit Permanent IT Employees For Your Business
  • Source Contract Resource, Both Local And Offshore
  • Implement Recruitment Process For Tech Staff
    (UK and EU)
  • Manage RFP Process To Find Technology Partners
  • Set Up A Nearshore Engineering arm

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing is ever changing and understanding who your customers are and where they can be found, is the silver bullit for many businesses. It is a beast, and you are going to need a strategy. Whether this is paid or organic, we are no strangers to lead and generate revenue in the digital age.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing