Shorten you route-to-market, increase speed of innovation by optimising how you deliver projects.

Optimise project delivery framework, install next-gen infrastructure, scale your agile teams and improve culture. Slow decision making, siloes and lack of accountability will be a thing of the past.

Optimise Project Delivery

Digital Dom optimises all critical capabilities in the project delivery
value chain to shorten route-to-market and speed up innovation.

Components of successful project delivery:


Your Culture

Improve your decision making, inject more trust and collaboration amongst teams and discover problems faster. All by measuring, influencing and improving culture.


Technical Excellence

Enable delivery of high quality software to users more frequent and more reliably by focussing on continuous testing, integration and delivery.



Enabled teams that can make changes and improvements fast focussing on deployability and testability. Move away from relentless discussions on tools and technologies and start asking the right questions.


Lightweight Change Management

Shorten your route to market from weeks to days by using data to make business decisions and adapting lightweight change approvals.


Lean Software Development Practices

Become an agile, more lean organisation and improve all metrics across the board by removing restrictions, encouraging experimentation and increasing visibility.


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    Startups and industry leaders
    rely on Digital Dom

    Our approach to agility focuses on both business
    and IT for a truly enterprise-wide transformation
    touching every aspect of the organisation:
    Strategy, Structure, Processes, Technology, People


    Traditional Operation Model


    Agile Operation Model

    How Do We Help Organisations
    To Become More Agile?


    Jamie Buchanan

    CTO, Vanarama


    Increase in decision making speed

    Alexei N.

    COO, SpaceBus


    improvement in core processes

    Paul Robinson

    Architect, EasyJet


    agility drives creativity

    Jamie Buchanan

    CTO, Vanarama


    Increase in decision making speed

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