What are the benefits of working with Digital Dom?

If you’re looking for an exceptional agile delivery and software firm, we’d love you to choose us. We deliver large scale and high performing systems to help businesses increase speed of innovation and decrease time to market. We offer nearshore solutions and the very best talent to companies who take their growth seriously, to decrease time to market and minimise room for error.

Our core objective is to build simple, elegant and easy to maintain systems that do what you need them to do.

We’re not the only people out there offering this service, but we’re a lot more than great systems because we work in a very special way. Here are the key benefits of working with Digital Dom.


Nearshore teams

Digital Dom can provide you with a nearshore team of skilled software engineers and project managers. Being nearshore means that we are two to four time zones away and it is the second best option next to on-shoring. You’ll get the same quality of tech experts whilst being more cost-effective.

Strong principles

We have strong principles and we maintain them at all times. Our customer always comes first, after that we are value driven, fixed on small wins, and focused on quality. Whatever your aims as a company, whether it’s to establish an efficient operating model or build an infrastructure from the ground up, you’ll never find us deviating from our principles.


We’ll work to transform your company into an agile organisation so that you can deliver quality solutions at speed. Our focus on business and IT means we’ll completely transform your organisation on an enterprise-wide basis, including your technology, structure, people, and processes.

We are a team of agile experts. The agile manifesto underpins everything we do and stand for.


We’ll help you to establish the quickest route to markets, which means you’ll get there quicker with Digital Dom than you would if you were working with anyone else.

Leading edge tech

We help our clients build leading-edge tech that stands out in the market by working with you to discover your unique selling point and minimum viable product, bringing you the right talent, then working with you through a series of short feedback loops to create the perfect solution in the quickest time possible.


You can’t argue with experience. Digital Dom has a wealth of it, working with dozens of companies to find easy and legitimate transformative solutions to their problems. Technically, we specialise in making life easier. We want it to be easier for you, for your staff, and for any clients you might have.

We’d love to share our case studies with you so that you can get a better idea of how we work. To find out more about our services please get in touch.

Complete understanding of your business

Before we do anything, our specialists will dive deep into your business to determine exactly what your long-term goals are. That’s the only way we can guarantee we’re working towards the same goal and developing the best solution for you.

Our solutions are bespoke to every business depending on their individual needs, so a complete understanding of your businesses, its aims and objectives, and the way it works is absolutely paramount, and we’ll put great effort into achieving it.

Tried and tested processes

There are four stages to our process; discovery, interview, kickoff and onboard, and scale up.

During the discovery phase, our experts get to know your business needs and long-term goals. The interview phase involves us sending you the first thoroughly pre-screened CVs to ensure the right talent is on your project. During the kick-off and onboard phase, we’ll integrate with your team through our onboarding process. Finally, once key hires are in place, we scale your team to keep up with the pace, scale, and digitisation of the project.

Colocated Agile Delivery Model

We practice a Colocated Agile Delivery Model, which fosters seamless collaboration among teams working in the same time zone, and assists with cost efficiencies due to reduced overheads and lower service fees.

Our headquarters are in London and our architects, PMs and BAs are in the UK, we have fast growing near shore talent pools in Poland and Romania.

We’re growing

We think growth is a good sign, and we’re growing all the time. As mentioned above, we’re developing nearshore talent pools in Poland and Romania, which means we’re about to go global. We can do that because our tried and tested methods mean we are in demand.

Contact Digital Dom

We’d love to talk to you about your business needs, and bring the many benefits of working with Digital Dom to your next initiative.

If you’re ready to talk to us, please fill in the contact form on our website.

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